Cardiac Science vinner globalt AED kontrakt med Airbus

Samtliga nya flygplan som byggs skall utrustas med hjärtstartare och då Cardiac Science nu är inkluderade i Airbus inköpssystem räknar man med att få leverera ett stort antal hjärtstartare de kommande åren. Se pressrelease i original nedan.

"We wanted a company that provides products that exceed the rigorous standards common in the aerospace industry for emergency equipment," said Manfred Groening, Innovint chief executive officer. "Cardiac Science was our first choice because of their extensive self-tests and their ability to deliver a globally standardized product and service in over 100 countries."

The partnership has already achieved a major milestone: inclusion in the global Airbus Buyer Furnished Equipment catalog. Cardiac Science AEDs successfully completed the rigorous evaluation process required to be offerable by Airbus.

"We are confident airlines and flight crews will value our easy-to-use Powerheart® AED," said Dave Marver, Cardiac Science chief executive officer. "Our RescueCoach™ voice prompts and fully automatic operation allow rescuers to respond effectively in even the most stressful situations."

According to its latest Global Market Forecast, Airbus foresees by 2030 some 26,900 passenger aircraft (above 100 seats) be required to satisfy future robust market demand. Leveraging its presence in the Airbus catalog, Cardiac Science now has an opportunity to outfit each new plane with a Powerheart AED.

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